10 Tips for Staying Motivated and on Track

10 Tips for Staying Motivated and on Track

Motivation is usually at an all-time high at the beginning of the year. New Year’s resolutions are set and after all of the holiday parties – and excess eating and drinking – everyone is ready to make some positive lifestyle changes. For most, the first month is great! You work out consistently, stick to a healthy nutrition plan and maybe even see some changes in your body. But, as is usually the case, the motivation soon starts to fade and the old, bad habits start to sneak back.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to eat whatever is available and to skip out on the gym because you are tired. That’s why getting and staying in the shape you want is so difficult – it takes hard work, and it isn’t easy.

Motivation is sort of like waves in an ocean – it comes and goes. So how do you make sure to stay on track during the times when it goes? First and foremost, remember why that resolution or goal was set in the first place. Think about how good you will feel if you stick with it and don’t give up. If you can stay consistent during the times when motivation is lacking, when your motivation comes back you will be that much farther ahead! 

This post is all about motivation. Here are 10 motivational tips to help you through those tough times to make sure you’re on track to reach your fitness goals – no matter what!


10 Motivational Tips

1. Set an example. Setting an example for your friends, co-workers, family and children will help keep you motivated. I know for myself, I try to be a good example for my clients. When I feel like giving up, I think of them.

2. Make it a contest. For those with a competitive nature, making a contest designed around your goal can be a great motivator. That way you have someone pushing you and you can push them!

3. Think about how good it will feel. Have you ever been at your ideal weight? Do you remember how good it felt? When you feel good about your body, you have more energy, more self-confidence and of course are much more comfortable in your own clothes. Remembering how good it felt is a great way to stay motivated. Hang up your favorite jeans so you can see them daily as a reminder to stay on track.

4. Be willing to change. Try different strategies within your workout to avoid boredom. Try increasing the volume (more exercises), adding more weight, decreasing the repetitions, resting less, adding drop sets, supersets or giant sets for increased intensity. Mix it up! Give yoga, CrossFit or the track a try for a fun new challenge.


5. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend your time with those who support you, those you admire, those who demonstrate admirable work ethic and those who exude positive energy. There will be some people who don’t understand and that’s OK. Don’t let them prevent you from achieving your goals.

6. Track your progress. On a wall calendar, mark off each day you are on track. Each day you cross off will be one day closer to your goal.

7. Reward yourself along the way. I usually do this after a couple of months or after achieving a milestone. I like to get a mani/pedi or treat myself to a massage. If you are trying to lose weight, treating yourself to a large pizza is not exactly what I am talking about here!

8. Appreciate your progress. Instead of always thinking about how much farther you have to go, remind yourself of how far you have already come. I like to look at the crossed-off days on my calendar to see how far I’ve come when sticking to the new goal. It also lets you see that even if you mess up one day, you have had many others that were good.

9. Don’t give up. As the saying goes, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. If getting and staying in shape was easy, everyone would be walking around with a body that looks great. If you give up when it gets hard, you will be missing out on something that could be great.

10. Strive to be the best version of you. No one else can ever be you. Appreciate what you have and make the most out of what you have been given. Don’t get overly concerned with what you don’t have by comparing yourself with others.

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