Best Flat Tummy Tips for 2023

Best Flat Tummy Tips for 2023

Ever wonder how some ladies, from everyday gals, your co-workers to professional athletes, sport a flat stomach and maybe even a six-pack? There are no “secrets” but rather it’s a lifestyle that forms the foundation of a fit and lean midsection. Diet or more precisely a healthy eating plan is where is all begins, no matter what your goals; exercise (weight training and cardio) will help you get the abs you’ve always wanted – it’s a lifestyle change! We’ve compiled the top flat tummy tips to get you started on the right track for 2023:

Cut down on grains – complex carbs are great but in moderation. Eat more veggies and low-sugar fruit like apples and grapefruit instead!

Eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. This speeds up your metabolism and helps shed fat off your belly!!

Don’t skip meals Skipping meals can make you hungrier, causing you to eat more later! But if you make sure you are eating enough and your meals are well-balanced, you will get all the foods your body needs to function properly. Develop a routine to help you stay on track!

Intensify your daily activities – keeping yourself active throughout the day can prevent your body from storing fat! Be sure to get in a killer cardiovascular workout and take the stairs instead of an elevator.

Resistance training is a must – weights build muscle, which burns body fat and helps to maintain leanness. Try plyometric supersets with your weights to keep your heart rate up!

Change up exercises Constantly changing the exercises you do in your workouts helps you avoid plateaus and keeps your body guessing!

Make cardiovascular exercise part of your workout routine. Doing cardio not only burns off extra calories, but you can burn excess fat faster than you will with dieting alone!

Train abs three times a week to build your abdominal muscles underneath! 3-4 sets of 25 reps.

Keep a positive and happy state of mind! When you’re stressed, your body holds on to water and your cortisol (stress hormone) levels spike, making it hard to burn fat!

Stay hydrated Often when you think you’re hungry, it’s actually dehydration at work. Keeping hydrated will give you a feeling of fullness and you will be less likely to eat.

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