Fat Loss Quiz

Fat Loss Quiz

When it comes to fat loss, it is hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. That’s why FitnessRx only publishes solid scientific information. If you’ve been reading and really paying attention, why not test your thintelligence? All questions have been formulated from information found on fitnessrxwomen.com. Pick the best answer from the statements below. Answers follow the quiz.

1. Which of these activities helps prevent fat production, lowers body cholesterol, and helps protect the liver?

Eating chocolate

Drinking tea

Watching television

Playing video games

2. What is the most common health problem facing Americans today?




“Wrist cramps” from remote controls for various electronics

3. Which of the following burns fat best?

30 minutes on an electronic ab belt

30 minutes of low-intensity exercise

30 minutes of high-intensity exercise

A tube of cellulite cream

4. Which of the following gym machines is best for burning calories?

Elliptical trainer


Stair Climber

Indoor bicycle trainer

5. What is the most efficient way to burn calories on a stair climber?

Hunch over the console like a gorilla

Support your weight with handrails

Take full strides that are eight to 10 inches deep

Take rapid baby steps

6. Lifting weights will:

Turn you into The Incredible Hulk

Increase your metabolic rate

Make you look thick and chunky

Make you fat

7. When trying to chisel fat off your abs, which of the following is NOT recommended?

Drinking alcohol

Choosing whole food sources

Daily meal of fatty fish

High-protein diets

8. What is the largest contributor to the American obesity epidemic?

Lack of exercise

Gigantic portions of fries

Internet addiction

All-you-can-eat buffets

9. Which of the following will help you to achieve slimmer hips?

Leg lifts and squats

Intense cardio sessions

Sensible diet

All of the above

10. What is the basis of the Atkins diet?

High fat, high protein, low carbohydrates

High fat, low protein, high carbohydrates

Low fat, low protein, high carbohydrates

Sustain life with only potato chips and bacon fat



Answers to the FitnessRx Fat Loss Quiz

1. Drinking tea. In a perfect world, eating chocolate would be the cure for everything. But for preventing fat, lowering cholesterol, and protecting the liver, drinking oolong, green and black teas is best.

2. Obesity. In a recent study, surveyors polled nearly 10,000 Americans and found that 36 percent were overweight, 23 percent obese, 19 percent were smokers and only 6 percent were heavy drinkers. Nicotine and alcohol may be highly addictive, but overeating beats them all.

3. 30 minutes of intense exercise. While it would be nice if we could sit on the couch and let electronic belts and thigh creams work off the fat, it’s all science fiction. When trying to lose fat, work harder and burn more total calories.

4. Treadmill. But if you start out too fast, you may fry yourself and end up burning only a few calories. Vary the exercise intensity and alternate between running and walking. To spice it up, listen to music and use the pre-set programs.

5. Take steps that are 8 to 10 inches deep. Taking baby steps and supporting your weight with locked elbows may burn time but not many calories.

6. Lifting weights will increase your metabolic rate. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn!

7. Drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol is a guaranteed route to love handles – for both men and women.

8. Lack of exercise. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, over 60 percent of Americans and 13 percent of our children are overweight.

9. All of the above. The three ingredients to slender hips are nutrition, cardio, and resistance training.

10. High fat, high protein, low carbohydrates. The basis of the diet is that the body burns fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. Critics say just because the diet helps people lose weight doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

How did you do? Tally up the number of correct answers and see where you rank.

0-2 correct: Fat Loss Fledgling

3-5 correct: Future Fat Fighter

6-8 correct: Fat-Burning Aficionado

9-10 correct: Fat-Blasting Phenom

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