Get Back on Track for Results

Get Back on Track for Results

“Consistency. If you do anything, do it with consistent repetition. This is how you achieve a goal, any goal, and every goal.” ~John M. Di Fazio II

A client recently pointed out that she has found that many people who formerly had good, healthy eating and exercise habits have seem to have fallen into a complete rut. They are not making the effort to break free of the bad habits that they’ve created over the last year and a half. I understand that many people have had a difficult time with the circumstances in which we are living, but it’s time to put that behind us, and get moving again. And, that goes for more than just a healthy diet and exercise. It’s time to get motivated again, and recreate the good habits that you once had. It is time to write down your plan, make the time in your schedule for improvement, and execute the plan so that it becomes second nature for you once more. You had your time to wallow in the confusion and uncertainty, but enough is enough. Now, it’s time to get moving again. Now, it’s time to eat properly for fuel, nutrients, and recovery. Now, it’s time to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror, clean up your act, and get back on the path to feeling great again.

Do you remember how great it felt to eat healthy, to give your body the correct vitamins and minerals on a cellular level, and to get your blood flowing with exercise every day? Well, even if the memory has elapsed from your mind, I want you to reinvent yourself and apply the good habits that you once knew. I can tell that people’s minds have not been in it for the last year and a half. While my new nutrition programs and inquiries have remained steady, there was not that booming interest that once motivated people to request my assistance. I do understand the lack of focus in many, as there has been a great deal of distraction in our daily lives. In times of chaos and disarray, it’s important to be able to have the self-discipline to control the things that are in our control. You have the ability to be consistent with your diet and exercise. You need only apply it and make it part of your routine again. One step at time, one day at a time, you will remake yourself. It doesn’t have to be all at once. It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming workout. Focus on little improvements each day. Write down your plan. Look at it and how it will be applied to your schedule. Prepare your meals. Don’t allow the weekends to become a free-for-all in which you undo all that you accomplished throughout the week. Gather momentum and give yourself a period of time in which to focus your efforts.

Not all people are self-motivators. Not all people are born with self-discipline. It’s through small steps of consistent behavior that self-discipline is ignited within you. Slowly, it becomes a fiery furnace that will propel you forward. Find it again, everyone. I don’t like to see stagnation. I don’t like to see despair or uncertainty. Find the will to apply good consistent habits again. Create that self-discipline that can and will get you back from that lost feeling, and will give you purpose again. Matthew Kelly, a great man whom I met, once said, “Our lives change when our habits change. Learn to make good decisions. Good decisions help you to create good habits. Good habits build good character. Good character helps you to create your glorious destiny.”

Live by those words. It is time.

The best is yet to come, and the future belongs to us!

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