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Is your weight stuck? Sick of your clothes fitting too tight? Worried the scale is just gonna keep going up higher and higher? At your highest weight ever? Put an end to this weight war with customized TBX-VIP meal plans!

2 Day Jumpstart speedloss

Lose up to 12lbs in 2 days - Food & Juice Detox
$ 199
  • The only food & juice detox
  • Lose up to 12lbs in 2 days
  • #1 selling detox in America over 1 mil units sold
  • You won't be in bathroom all day
  • See weight loss + bloat reducing after 1 day
  • All instant ingredients - NO cooking needed
  • Everything you eat is in the box
  • NO green goo - all items are delish + work fast

TBX - VIP Custom Online Diet Program

When you're weight is stuck or you need to lose over 40lbs - the VIP custom diet plan program is a perfect fit
$ 59 Monthly
  • Custom made for inflammation reduction
  • Immediately relieves belly bloat
  • Works with any food allergy
  • Can work around holidays and travel plans
  • Gets IMMEDIATE RESULTS with weight losses of up to 15lbs in 8 days!
  • Plan still allows for you to control what you choose to eat just when and what is planned for you
  • Perfect for life long yo-yo dieters
  • Gets to root of long standing IBS, ACNE, BLOAT, TIREDNESS & MORE!

Vertex VIP | V-LEAN Diet Plan

NOW every auto-ship order of V-LEAN Custom Formulated Meal Replacement Shake includes our SHAKE-A-DAY weight loss plan to drop 15 lbs FAST!
$ 89 Monthly
  • V-LEAN is PACKED with the highest quality Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Nootropics, Antioxidants, Probiotics, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes, & Phytonutrients!
  • Lose weight quickly
  • Kill junk food cravings
  • Provide healthy energy
  • Support your digestion + regularity
  • We customize for food allergies + taste preferences
  • We like to think of this as “FAT-BURNING INSURANCE”
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